Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Spirit


Recently around the net Frank Miller's debut Feature Film "The Spirit" has been getting alot of negative buzz, with a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes and Internet Fanboys saying it's worse than Battleship Earth things aren't looking good for the future of Frank Miller's directing career, but i'm here to step in and give a second opinion. I enjoyed The Spirit merly as campy fun, And yes I did find it fun, especially with lines like “I’m gonna kill you all kinds of dead!” and “Lets Die!” spread throughout the film. The movie does have more talking than action but I did enjoy the action that there was if only because it was so ridiculous, I thought that last action scene was awesome (after all it did have the let’s die line, you could put that on a t-shirt). I liked the giant guns they were using, I laughed every time they pulled one out. People critisize the movie for having to much dialouge and exposition but I don’t see what’s wrong with that, no I didn’t retain much of that stuff after leaving the theater, other than the ridiculous but awesome catchphrases, but I felt that it was o.k because I found that the dialogue wasn’t that important. Plus it makes up for it with awesome visuals. The things I enjoyed the most were all the silly action scenes, the octopus pulling out 2 giant guns with 4 barrels on each and saying “I’m the Octopus, i’ve got 8 of everything.” The Spirit beating the Octopus in the water while ridiculous punching sound effects play. There is no question though that Miller is stealing the style not only from his own Sin City but from all things in the Graphic Novel medium, that shot when the Octopus blows up is taken right out of Watchmen. I dod enjoy The Spirit though, and remember, I’m not saying this was a masterpiece, and i’m not saying this was the best film of the year, I just really enjoyed it. I think The Spirit is destined to become a cult classic. 

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