Sunday, February 22, 2009


Since I wanted to catch up on some of the oscar nominated flicks this year I decided to steep down to the lowest level to do it, I pirated them(except for Benjamin Button, thats to cinematic for me to do that, the cinematography is to beautiful). Tonight I watched one of the most debated nominees, Frost/Nixon, and I really enjoyed it. One thing I didn't expect from the movie was a sort of mockumentary format throughout the film, there are various interviews with characters that are used to move along the plot, and while some people may see that as a weakness, I really enjoyed it. There was also alot of humor throughout that I enjoyed because I expected it to be alot more serious. The end of the movie is awesome and powerful as well. Frank Langella was also very good as Nixon, like Josh Brolin in last years W., he did more than an impersonation, and showed off the human element in the man. Overall, even though it may not deserve Best Picture, I really liked Frost/Nixon and I highly recommend it.

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